New from Peter Traben Haas is pleased to announce the release of Peter Traben Haas’ new book Contemplative Church: How Meditative Prayer and Monastic Practices Help Congregations Flourish:

cc-coverContemplative Church is a momentous and wise book that brings together the practice of meditative prayer and the wisdom of spiritual practices for a local church or spiritual community.

Contemplative Church is a book for church leaders, pastors, students and all seekers on the journey deeper into God’s love.

If you wish to know how meditative prayer and monastic practices can help congregations flourish, this is a book for you and for your community.

Here are a few indications of the timeliness of Peter’s book, from several significant contemplative thought leaders:

“This book provides a comprehensive survey of the history of contemplative prayer and its place as an essential aspect of the Christian community. It also serves as a solid conceptual background for the teaching of contemplative prayer to churches and seminaries where leaders of Christian denominations are formed.”    – Father Thomas Keating    

“Peter Traben Haas has plumbed the richness of the contemplative tradition in a way that opens us up to the profound mystery of Christ.”    – Ilia Delio

“Our last three popes have been keenly interested in what they called the “new evangelization,” in hopes that, as John Paul II stated it, we may proclaim the Gospel of Jesus “[with]a new ardor, new methods, and new expressions.” Peter Haas’ Contemplative Church is surely a welcome partner in this venture.”     – Cyprian Consiglio


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