The Contemplative Companion for Monday, September 25, 2017

Today’s morning Psalm reminds us that humankind’s life on planet earth has always been vulnerable in every way. While we’re not the first to suffer or fear raging storms and natural disasters, we are the first to instantly know that such devastation is occuring – and watch it unfold on distant screens. The Psalmist gives us words for our own times:

In the shadow of your wings I take refuge, till the destroying storms pass by (Psalm 57.1)

I appreciated the front cover of Time magazines Sept. 25th issue. It reads:

The Storms Keep Getting Stronger… And So Do We.

Silence, nature, worship, Eucharist and music are ways we can enter the shadow before, during and after any kind of storm occurs in your life, family, and to our planet.


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  1. I have reclaimed my voice after several years of recurrent laryngitis and bronchitis! Yea! And, I have learned to drum; spiritual soul healing thru rhythm. Use your voice and hands to soothe your suffering soul.

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  2. My piano, harp and drums each in their own way help release these soothing feelings. The Silence helps me in a different way, with intention of praying in God’s Presence, esp sitting outside among the trees and by tranquil fountains of water. God’s world inspires and infuses us with strength through each day in our lives if we just are awake to it.

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