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The Sacred Enneagram – A New Contemplative Resource for the Spiritual Journey

by Peter Traben Haas

If you are a Protestant Christian and have never heard of the Enneagram before – get ready. Christopher L. Heurentz’s stand-out book is about to change that.

My sense is that with this book, The Sacred Enneagrampublished by heavy-weight Zondervan/Harper Collins, the Enneagram is now fully mainstream in the Protestant Christian world. That’s not to disparage other recent exceptional Enneagram resources, such as Ian Cron’s and Suzanne Stabile’s, TheRoad Back to You, published by Evangelical stalwart InterVarsity Press, or Richard Rohr’s classic, The Enneagram.  

What I love about Heurertz’s contribution to the Enneagram conversation, is a reminder that the nine personality types are also pathways “back home” – to our deepest relationship with God. The context of a “relationship with God” adds a powerful nuance to Heuretz’s work, especially in the book’s Part Three, which I sense is the heart of the book. With this Enneagram book, we are clearly in the presence of a gifted and emerging contemplative spiritual soul-shepherd.

In Part Three, Heuretz also connects the Enneagram with the core contemplative practices of solitude, silence and stillness – which seem to me an original contribution in the primary Enneagram resources I’ve come across, especially in chapter Nine – where Heuretz connects the nine personality types with nine ways of prayer. These chapters are some of the best and original spiritual deepening of the value and impact of the Enneagram I have come across recently – especially in it’s contemplative practices connection. Bravo Chris!

Another huge praise for the book is the helpful and clear graphics of the Enneagram types, as well as ample Tables and Charts, that help the reader understand the big picture.

And last but not least, I’ve not read a more succinct and honest introduction to the history and origins of the Enneagram than in what Heuretz provides. He does not shy away from its early connection to Gurdjieff – which many authors often do. Let’s give praise where praise is due – and that belongs preeminently with Mr. George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, whose living system of ideas re-introduced the world to the vital and transforming grace of inner Christianity.

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1 comment on “The Sacred Enneagram – A New Contemplative Resource for the Spiritual Journey

  1. Thanks for the review, looking forward to a simpler explanation and more applicable use of the Ennaegram


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