The Contemplative Companion for Thursday, June 1, 2017

“…that they may be one, as we are one,
I in them and you in me,
that they may be brought to perfection as one.” – John 17. 22-23

“...the love with which you loved me
may be in them and I in them.” – John 17.26

In this profound prayer of Jesus, we get a subtle glimpse into the nature of Spiritual relationality and the Life of the Trinity. In particular, notice the connecting role Christ plays mediating between God and humankind.

An analogy might help see the idea more clearly. Electricity coming from the power station runs at about 1000 Volts on the main-line high wires. This 1000 Volt gets “stepped down” by way of the grey, round transformers on the top of most power poles, to about 220 Volts, and from there, this electricity comes into the house’s main circuit breaker, stepped down one more time to 120 Volts, allowing the electricity to be safely accessed and used at the home wall outlet.

Here’s the connection. Observe that Jesus doesn’t say that “God/Abba” will be in us. That would be like 1000 Volt coming into the wall outlet. It would set the house on fire – instantly. Rather, Jesus teaches that Christ is in us, and that the love of God is in us. Christ , the Holy Spirit, and the love of God are “stepped down 120 Volt” energies of the living God – so we can get the life and power of God through the mediation of Christ by the Spirit. Christ is our transformer – mediating the power, presence and love of Almighty God.

And not only mediating, but also connecting and uniting us to It. So that there is a union that gives life to a living oneness, not only in Christ and Christ in us, but also, as the Body of Christ, one with another – a togetherness in spiritual community. A networked energy grid, so to speak.

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