The Contemplative Companion for Wednesday, May 3, 2017

If you know me, then you will also know my Father.
From now on you do know him and have seen him.  – John 14.7

The lectionary readings for today focus on the theme of seeing. Of particular interest is Jesus’ assertion that something about him and his role is so unique that to know and see Jesus is to know and see the Father.

Jesus spoke of God using the term Abba – which we translate as Father.  The Aramaic root of Abba can also mean Beloved Source, which takes away the masculine limitation present in our gendered-language. God is not human. Male or female. And certainly not the “big man up there.”

From within Jesus’ deepest and earliest experiences, Jesus could not tell where his being ended and his Source’s Being began. Jesus felt the oneness. He experienced this union all his life. This oneness and union is the revelation Jesus was born for.

To look and see the physical, historical man Jesus is to see the Mystery of Christ – the union of the human and the divine. Clearly, to look and see Jesus is NOT to see Almighty God, Creator of the Cosmos and Source of All. THAT is not possible. A human cannot see THAT and live.

So, veiled in the ordinary, we see in and through Jesus the Presence of the Source scaled down for this planet and for human experience in a form we could see.

With that in mind, perhaps a more theologically honest way of speaking the Truth of what Jesus is, and was seeking to say, as the Revelation of the State of Christ, would be this:

Because all of what I know as me is hidden in my Source, it’s as if knowing me is knowing the Source.

And because all of what I know as me is hidden in my Source, it’s as if seeing me is seeing the Source. 

Our relationality is so deep and all consuming, it’s as if the Source has all of me and what I experience as deep relationality with the Source is also yours too. I have come to show you the Way. You can think of my Relationality with the Source as Our Relationality. In a certain sense, my Union with the Source is mediating to all of Creation – that which unites me and the Source by the Spirit:


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  1. Very good Christological understanding of the revelation of the historical Jesus – the unity/oneness he had with God is the Mystery of Christ, the eternal oneness of Divine and human natures, is also potentially within all of us to transformatively experience and manifest on our spiritual journeys with faith and God’s grace”…


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