The Contemplative Companion for Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blessed the people who know the joyful shout;
in the light of your countenance, O LORD, they walk.
At your name they rejoice all the day,
and through your justice they are exalted.  –  Psalm 89.16 – 17

Something in us can Remember. The self is a happening within us. It happens. It constantly rises and falls in response to life situations, events, circumstances and the relationships woven into our happening with other people’s happenings.  Self happens!

Amidst all this happening, something in us can Remember and be held by the still-point of joy and the warmth of love’s light. It can and will radiate through the happenings of self and shape our countenance despite our circumstance. Our faces literally can and do reveal our inward happenings.

The joyful shout for me is totally silent, mostly. There are times when I shout for joy with full voiced exuberance – like when I went hiking in the Alps and emerged from an old growth Evergreen forest and beheld the edge of a glistening glacier waterfall. Or the time I went running in the pre-dawn light and felt my speed take me to a different place in my body – and I stopped in the morning stillness and just shouted I LOVE LIFE! Mostly though, I shout in the stillness of my heart – a silent adoration and passion that words can’t convey.

Something in us can Remember this Joy and Truth – even if our mind is flooded with worry. Our body can Remember. Our Emotions can move deeper than the surface happenings and Remember the Countenance of the Lord of Light-Life-Love and be upheld one more moment, carried by the wind of the Name soaring within our hearts.


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  1. There is a joy that comes unexpectedly. Walking the the empty streets of Fresno, California in the early morning sunshine of a brisk fall day made me whistle a lively tune as I went. A solitary lady across the street smiled and waved at the teenage soldier she saw moving cheerily along. I was going home on a weekend pass.

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