The Contemplative Companion for Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jesus answered the Jews:
“My Father is at work until now, so I am at work.” – John 5.17

The Conference of Catholic Bishop’s theme for Lent this year is very wise and catchy:

Lent 2017 page header image.

This outlines three directions and dimensions of God’s work in us, and our work in God – classically defined as:




The work of God in us can be perceived more keenly as we fast and give up the ordinary means by which we comfort ourselves with food.

As we increasingly take up practices in service of others including almsgiving, but also practicing forgiveness, long suffering, and other acts of charity, or perhaps even taking up the practice of a Lenten Retreat.

And lifting up intercessions to God in Prayer, as well as consenting to the presence and action of the Divine Spirit in silence and solitude.

Perhaps this also follows the pattern of Jesus own passion. He who gave up his life to the authorities, took up his cross, and lifted up his life to God in total surrender and prayer, culminating with the Good Friday crowning declaration: into thy hands I commit my spirit. 

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  1. God’s Love . We reach out and up. We deny ourselves what is comforting. But, this should become routine, a discipline. To give of ourselves for others in other than just superficial ways. To reach down into the pocket and not just finances trying to look with perspective of Christ since God is the judge. To know and help others… To see beyond the hurt that we all hurt have in this life… Christ hurt and felt pain for us.To understand, but not trying to be understood. I am working this Lent to see and enjoy each moment of life’s struggle. To reach and help others,and in that, seeing Goodness through the pain. Comfort all of God’s creatures. Finding the daily discipline of prayer of silence but also intercessory for others who need prayer. Extend beyond your comfort zone into THE ZONE of CHRIST. To do what he tells us to do in the Bible as the Living Word.


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