The Contemplative Companion for Wednesday, March 8, 2017

As we begin the second week of our Lenten journey, it is good to call to mind the intentions we made a week ago on Ash Wednesday.

The lectionary readings for today  draw our attention to the story of Jonah. Like Jonah, we often feel compelled by the Word and Silence of God, which draws us into a journey or endeavor, but then just as quickly we’d rather run away, forget about it all, or do it reluctantly, and in some cases, like Jonah, end up in very unexpected situations along the way.

Each of us is a little Nineveh: full of dynamic qualities and personality preferences. And during Lent, the Word of God and Silence of God are moving deeper toward the center  of our “city”,  where our inner ruler cracks the shadow of forgetfulness and kneels in the light of love and remembrance.

In Lent, we are invited to feel into the Presence. To light our lamps of repentance and keep them burning. Our repentance is a confrontation with the emotional and physical programs for our happiness on our terms – terms that often keep us running away from the Source of our deepest joy and fulfillment. Lent is a kind of a inner confrontation that is revealed more clearly in our fasting, hunger and various Lenten aims.

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